There is Help for You

I find life fascinating. The people in it and the various circumstances that I have found myself. Although I have suffered for most of my life, I still discover a beauty to the grand pageant of nature’s existence that caused me to gasp my breath.

I have always listened to the silence of solitude and have learned the lessons that it has taught me well. One of those teachings has been that life has not been the harbinger of doom that I used to believe that it was because I had been through so much pain and hardship. There is a class and dignity all their own that I would not have discovered had I not been through the sufferings I had endured. For with suffering comes a bridge of glory that only those who have been there comes to know.

When I allowed the pain to teach me instead of beat me, there emerged vitality and vigor for the very things that made me weep. Life is a paradox. What brings sorrow also causes great joy. There came a refreshment of spirit as I let the anguish of soul develop my character. A sharpened character is of great value and more to be sought after than all of the treasures of the earth. Which is why I am grateful that God allowed me to go through all of the hell that I endured because it built me into the woman that I am today. And that woman is strong, compassionate, and knows how to take blows from adversity and affliction. I know how to take a hit and keep right on going. And that is what we all need to know how to do. Take a lickin’ and come back kickin’!

If you are going through any type of hardship in your life, I want you to know that you can make it through it. What you are going through will not last forever. There is a way out of the pain. And that way out is Jesus Christ. He is the One Who has been through precisely what you have, so is able to bring you out. (“For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succour them that are tempted.” Hebrews 2:18) He has been where you have been. And so have I. I know how it is to suffer, which is why I offer you my support and prayers. Together with the Lord, we will pull you out of your pits of depression and your heartaches and pain. Let us.

Contact me and allow me to pray for you. I promise you that God will lift you up and make you strong. Try me. Try Him.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


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