You CAN Be Free!

I have some good news. In fact, the news is fantastic. What is that news, you ask? Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you all about it!

Okay, here it is: You can be free. Yup. Yessiree, indeedy! You can be completely free. In your mind, your spirit, and your body. How do I know that, you’re wondering? Because I am one that has been set free in every arena of life. And I mean every one.

I have been abused, raped, molested for years, and suffered from almost forty years of a deep depression that kept me in a pit of great despair. I dealt with severe anxiety that lasted for years and endured major panic attacks that lasted all day and into the nights.

I was bullied all throughout my school years, teased and tormented incessantly, and had the kind of home life that could only be described as horrific. In between the beatings and unending screaming that went on, I lived with a soul-deep loneliness that ate at my spirit and caused me to withdraw from life. I was the poster child for the hopeless and heartbroken. But that all changed through the grace and the love of Jesus Christ.

Yes, I said Jesus Christ. That Name that causes all sorts of emotional outbursts and evil surmising from those who are rebellious towards God and all that He stands for. That Jesus was the One Who healed me from every heartache and pain that I carried throughout my life. (“I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4)

You see, I have known and walked with the Lord since I was two years old. He has always been a part of my life. So, why did I have to endure such hardship and suffering all of my life, you ask? I have asked Him that question many times over the years and one day He gave me the answer that silenced that particular query. The Lord told me that I had not been suffering for nothing. He told me that I had been suffering for others. And that knowledge has kept me going even when the going got rough and tough. Because if I can help just one person, all of my years of deprivation and heartache has been worth it all. If you are reading this blog and it is bringing you any encouragement or comfort, all the pain was a prize. A personal trophy that I can hang on my emotional wall of triumphs and accomplishments.

Let me get back to Jesus. As I said, He’s been with me all my life. Through all of the good times and the bad times, He was there. He was sitting right with me as I lived in that vast chasm of depression. He was there when I woke up screaming in the night from nightmares that would curl your hair. He lived with me during the anxiety and walked beside me all the years I thought I would die from the loneliness that dogged my steps. He brought me comfort and counsel. And He took all of my fears from me. One at a time.

He listened to me. (“This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.” Psalm 34:6) There have been numerous instances when I have cried out to God in great distress and pain. More times than I care to count. And God was always there, hearing my pleas and sending me help from His sanctuary.

For I could not have made it this far without the Lord. There is no way that I would have gotten through my life without His grace, love, and power working in my life.  It was Jesus that kept me from taking my life the two times I told my husband that I was going to kill myself and I was going for the rifle that he kept under the bed. It was Jesus that kept me from overdosing on my medication when I told my husband that I wanted to take all of my pills. It was Jesus that kept me company those nights as my broken heart spilled tears while the rest of the world slept.

One by one, the Lord dealt with the giants of fear that had routinely attacked and tormented me. He taught me how to kill those giants myself and I grew in strength and poise as each one fell to the earth as I plunged the blade of my sword into its throat. (I had to climb up their legs, but that was no challenge. I enjoyed sending the suckers to their eternal doom.) God taught me how to fight for my life and, along the way; He also taught me how to be my own best friend. Nowadays, you can’t beat me in cheering me on and talking power talk to my spirit.

Now, onto the good news. You CAN be free. Completely free. From all of your fears. The Lord is no respecter of persons. What He will do for one, He will do for all. For He loves all with a love that far surpasses the ability to tell. I am daily discovering more depths of the love of Jesus Christ for me and it always brings tears to my eyes as I experience just how much I am loved. And He loves YOU precisely the same way.

If you need love, you can find it right here. If you need healing, you can find it right here. If you need deliverance, you can find it right here. If you need encouragement, you can find it right here. If you need the will to live, you can find it right here. If there are giants in your life that need to go down, you have come to the right place. Because this blog is not simply a bunch of nice-sounding words for you to read. The Holy Spirit is here to minister to you right through your computer screen. Between my prayers for you and His dynamic power, you can and you will be set free. All you have to do is ask Him and then trust Him to do it.

I know what I am talking about. My life has been one of great suffering. But I can promise you that there is freedom and liberty in Jesus Christ. I live a life of peace, love, and joy. And it only gets better as I go from strength to strength and from glory to glory.

I encourage you to try Jesus. And if you are a believer and are going through hardship and heartache, let me encourage you by telling you that the Lord is going to deliver you from every single one. That is His promise to you and He cannot lie.

Contact me and allow me to pray for you. I guarantee you that your life will change. I serve the Great Life-Changer.

Be encouraged.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


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