I am full of joy at this moment. Why, you ask? Because I have been taking a trip down memory lane and I have discovered all of the various hardships and heartaches that I have endured and with the help of the Lord have gotten over and through them all. Yes, I said them all. I had not believed that I would be able to overcome even a few of the sufferings that I have had to live through, and here I am telling you that the Lord delivered me out of all of the hell. All of it.

I am stronger than I was when I was homeless. Oh, that was a stressful time for me! It was only by the grace of God that I did not stroke out or have a heart attack, I was under that much distress of soul and body. But I have overcome that period of life and I haven’t had to experience any more moments like those in over six years, thanks be to God. But as I stated, I am stronger. I am not the same woman that I was when I was on the streets of Montana with nowhere to go and no one would help me. Instead of feeling as though I am falling apart as I did back then, I feel like the Man of Steel.

I am no longer a victim of depression. I lived with that monster for many, many years and it held me with chains of despair and an ice-cold dread of the future that permeated the very atmosphere I breathed. My feelings were deadened, while at the same time I suffered such acute pain that I just wanted it all to be over. I prayed daily for death to take me and every day I awakened, I hated.

I am no longer a sufferer of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), that horrible and debilitating illness that leaves you a prisoner within your own body and it makes you pay for every movement you make. I was bedridden 23 hours per day for eight months at one time during the four years I endured the illness.

I no longer wake up screaming from the years of severe chronic pain that ravaged my body. The only reason why I lived through it was because I was still breathing. That’s the only reason. Oh, so many times I thought the pain would kill me. And I prayed that it would. So much so that I was hospitalized twice because I did not feel that I could live one more second with the pain.

I no longer am a semi-frequent flyer to the city’s mental ward. I have been a patient of institutions in Minnesota, Montana, and Iowa for a total of six times in the past nine years. My mind was shattered into a million pieces and the world was a scary place in which to live.

I am no longer a slave to the cigarettes that held me bound for seven years. I had thought that I would be unable to be delivered from those nasty things and that they would eventually kill me.

I could go on and on. But instead, I will just celebrate the victories from the things that I have just been waxing philosophically about.

Let’s start with the homelessness. My precious oldest sister took me into her home and I have lived with her for six years. I have my own room (it’s big,lol), a 50 inch TV in it and I spend many wonderful hours studying the word of God and spending time with Him there.

The Lord delivered me from depression nine years ago. I had a vision from the Lord then. It was so clear. In the vision, there was a big black pit of depression that I had kept falling into. A hand came down from heaven and rolled a big stone over the pit and covered it. It fit perfectly. A voice said to me, “You will never fall into that pit again.” And I never have. And I never had to take another pill for depression, either. I was set free.

God healed me of the CFS in 2012. You can read the miraculous account here. I have not had to deal with the ravages of that disease since then, praise the Lord!

The Lord took the severe chronic pain out of my body seven years ago. He simply took it. One minute I was writhing in pain, and the next I was free. Hallelujah.

The Lord Jesus healed my mind. He put all of the pieces back together and I have lived a life free of mental pain and anguish for over three years now. The inner turmoil is gone.

In two days, it will have been three years since I have smoked a cigarette. The Lord broke the chain of addiction and I haven’t had a craving of any kind for three years. And you wonder why I love Jesus. Who wouldn’t, after all of that deliverance!

If you are suffering with any kind of pain or circumstance that you would like to experience freedom from, I encourage you to contact me and I will personally pray for you. The Lord hears my prayers. He wants you to be free and so do I. You CAN be completely and awesomely free. As in delivered. From EVERY affliction that you have. The Lord promised in His word that He would deliver you from every single one and it is impossible for Him to lie. (“Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.” Psalm 34:19)

As the song says, “Put your hand in the Hands of the Man Who stilled the waters.” Let Him still YOUR waters. He’s ready to do it right now.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


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