I See You

This blog is going to take a deep turn. I know that it is just getting started and that I have been sharing my thoughts about various topics. That has been good in its own way, but I want this blog to be more. Instead of you seeing me, I want to see YOU.

I have endured much suffering, heartache, and pain in my 48 years of life. I have been institutionalized and homeless on the streets of Montana for two years. I have been raped and molested for years and beaten for even more years.

I lived with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) for four years. I was bedridden 23 hours a day for eight months. I endured five years of severe chronic pain that never ended and the only reason I survived it was because I was still breathing.

I have been in a deep depression that lasted for many years. I lived with severe anxiety and panic attacks that lasted all day. My mind was shattered in a million pieces. I felt the breaking of it like shards of glass. Read my post from my other blog and that will give you a glimpse into my life.

These things that I have spoken of are only a small peek into my suffering. But I am so much more than my pain and sufferings. I am more than a conqueror! I am more than a survivor! I am a giant killer. I kill giants of fear, depression, confusion, and all of those giants cousins of doubt, apprehension, and worry.

I have been delivered from all of my fears and I now live a life of peace, love, and joy. I want to help YOU to get over your own heartaches and suffering and find your way to victory. Through my various trials and tribulations, you will find humor, encouragement, and the keys to unlock your own personal victories. Join me as I show you the pathway to peace.

I hope that you will invite your friends to this blog, for it is more than just a blog. It is a triumph over everything that assails you.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


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