Now, Back to You, God

Okay, Lord. It’s back to You. You and I were having a conversation and I was enjoying the ebb and the flow of our interchange, so I am back before You, ready to pick up the threads of our dialogue. Now, what was it that I was saying?*smile*

You are such a good God. And you are the best Father Who ever lived. Of course, You have always lived, so You have a leg up in that department!

Our relationship is like no other. We keep each other on our toes, don’t we? I am constantly demanding more of You and like any doting Father who wants their child to have whatever they want, you oblige me. Although I have to play hide and seek with You at times. (I don’t like it when You hide.)

I wonder what makes You tick. What makes You smile. I want to know what Your favorite thing in the universe is, for to just limit You to the world would hardly be fair. Of what thing that You created is Your favorite. I hope You say that it was me! I know You will, for Your children are Your most valued possessions and You love us with an everlasting love. So I guess that answers that last question. Okay, one question down…three billion more to go!

I love playing with You. People think that you are a somber figure devoid of humor, but Yours is the most prolific sense of humor that I have ever encountered. And, boy, do you make me laugh!

You make my heart sing. Every day, my inner being wants to sing another ode to You. It’s too bad that I have a voice like a frog. But I still offer my songs of love and worship to You. You are my song.

Wait a minute. I thought this was a two-way conversation. What was that you just said? You love me? How sweet of You. I am important to You? Why, thank You. You have excellent and wonderful plans for my life? I’m humbled. I thank You. And I will be forever grateful to You for Your everlasting love towards me.

Ah. Now our conversation is becoming more intimate. You are drawing closer to me. This is the part of our relationship that I love the most. When I get to wrap myself in Your presence and bask in the glow of Your tenderness and mercy. For, truly, your mercy endures forever, just as You say it does.

How I wish that every soul would experience the kind of relationship that You and I have, Abba. Perhaps they will in time.. All they have to do is ask and reach out to You. You will reach back. You will always reach back.

Oh, how blessed be the Name of the Lord.


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